Story room

This is a small space on my blog were you can make great dog story’s, I am a skilled writer and want you to write your own dog story’s here to. In this room you can read my story’s, make your own and enter the 2011 Doggy foot writing challenge.

Doggy foot


& the dog show

It is an normal day, well if you think three brothers and a sister pouncing around is normal, it is. My name is Krissy I’m a Border collie. At the moment I’m snoozing in my owners chair watching dog shows on TV. Tomorrow it’s my second birthday and mum is getting me a surprise present. I cant wait,

“Krissy, I’ve entered you into a dog show with owner!!”

it’s mum and she has given the best gift ever. Owner grabs my leash and were of to the dog show. As soon as we got here I was so exited me on a dog show!!

Owner made me sit, beg, sneeze, role, spin, twizzle and flip, then I jumped over the bright red hurdle then through to blue tunnel. I hold my breath 10, 10, 10 and 9!!

I won!! and soon I will be back home on the chair.

By Rebecca


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